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People you think you know

I talked briefly last night with Matt about this, so I will mention it here. There are certainly a lot of people out there who you feel like you know, despite the fact you really don’t know them at all. I was thinking about this at Burger King yesterday. I guess BK is second only to the bathroom in terms of where I do my deepest thinking (scary thought). I was thinking about it because I feel like I know the cashiers at Burger King. I know each one’s habits and which one will motor through the line the fastest. (For some reason this has never worked at McDonald’s). But in fact, I have no idea who these people are. For all I know, they are matriarchs of powerful families in the area or just someone trying to make ends meet to send themselves or their kids to college.

The Internet hasn’t helped, especially through blogs. There are a few people I feel like I know, but in reality have no idea who they are. This led me to thinking of people who actually read this website. I get about 2,000 hits a month to this site from domains around the world (so I know it is not just me), yet I have little interaction with the users (save the occasional correspondence from the Gorn or Disneyland Paris pages). So all of you out there send me an e-mail with some info on you or a link to your website – I’d like to get to know you.