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Fun in Nor Cal

Back in the saddle again. Days off are always nice. But why is it that major things seem to take place at work while I am gone?? I think it is another one of those perception thingies.

My extended weekend was fun, thank you. It was good to see friends that I don’t get to see on a regular basis. It was also amazing to see my friend Joe’s kid Zack. Joe is the same age as me and has a kid. It is still hard to believe. However, it will be cool in another 5 years when we can invite him to Anti-Valentine’s Day and other parties.

Thanks to Peg, Robert, Reed, Jonathan, Matt, Steve, Joe, Jody, Zack, Doris, and Bill for a great weekend. No thanks to Avis though. My nice Olds Alero had too much road noise and the “Check Tire Pressure” light/alarm scared the bejabbers out of me. (It was actually handy since one of the tires was at 20PSI)

Late note: Somehow this got posted with the wrong date originally. I have since fixed it.

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday Joe!