One Month to Go

In less than one month, Disney’s California Adventure opens to the public. The lucky people over at have already been inside and have a gaggle of pics and some early reviews. I’ve liked MousePlanet since the olden days when it was just Al’s Disneyland Information Guide. I don’t agree with all the sassy comments they make regarding what is going on at the resort – I prefer just the facts and no editorial – but they do a great job and cover all the bases. As good as the site is, it is nice to see that now that the park is open, they are eating some crow and actually saying positive things about the park now that it is open. While the park was in development, most of the comments were negative – with a few good ones sprinkled here and there.

I, the lowly annual passholder, have to wait until the preview on February 3rd. If I feel motivated, I’ll snap a few pics. At the very least, I will give a full report in my Daily Update. Any of you heading to an earlier preview and need some company, drop me a line.