Club Josh / Disney

Where did yesterday go?

I think I was dropped into a space-time continuum and missed it. Oh well. I did notice that Web Side Story is now using my site tracker as ads. If you notice the ad for roses (it changes, but currently this is what they are hawking) near the bottom of this page in the left column – DON’T CLICK on it. It is merely to track the users to my site and the paths that they go. I would yank them off the site, but I am working with almost two years worth of statistics. However, if they keep changing it and getting more obnoxious, I will just pull it.

People keep criticizing the new California Adventure theme park. My suggestion: lighten up. Remember – since the Disney/MGM studios opened in 1989, Disney has slowly opened parks with limited attractions for full price. Now the model worked successfully in Florida and time will tell if it will work here. My thought: I think lots of people will visit, lots will complain, and the company will end up spending more than if they would have just done it right in the first place. But you know what? That’s what corporations have done forever and ever. Remember: Disneyland didn’t have drinking fountains on opening day. Despite the negative press, I am still looking forward to it my preview, and then I will decide if I will expand to a two-park passport.