Disney / Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

Like a skunk it permeates

True signs that you are obsessing over something: It invades your dreams and permeates your daily update like that skunk someone hit on I-5. Looking over the last week it seems I have Earthquakes and California Adventure on my brain. This of course begs the question: Why isn’t there an earthquake attraction?? I’m sure Disney can think of something better than the lame-o tram exhibit at Universal Studios.

T-Minus four days and I’m having dreams of working the parking lot tram. “Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the Disneyland Resort. California Adventure is open until midnight and Disneyland is open until 6pm.” Yes, it’s true, I need a life.

This weekend, I will be taking pics inside the new park so by Monday I should have some shots up on the site.