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Star Wars and Ballparks had a really good April Fool’s joke up on their site. They converted it to April 1, 1979 – complete with reports from the set of Episode V, why George Lucas hadn’t released Episode IV on Betamax, and the screen was nice a monochrome green like the good old days.

Baseball season is upon us. This season, the Brewers and the Pirates open new stadiums. I remember a time a little more than 10 years ago when Toronto opened the first new stadium in 10 years and everyone else’s stadium looked long in the tooth. I do remember being excitied as the Giants built their new stadium and hope to someday get to see a game there. Here are the stadiums that I have been to:

Dodger Stadium
Candlestick Park
Oakland Coliseum
Bank One Ballpark
Coors Field
Anaheim Stadium

Here are the ones I have been by, but not inside during a game:
The Ballpark at Arlington
Pac Bell Park
Wrigley Field
Comisky Park

I don’t think I’d ever spend the moolah to go on one of those escorted MLB staduim tours, but I wouldn’t mind visiting as many as I could on my own.