New fav commercial

My favorite commercial on television is again for Pacific Bell DSL. A mother comforts her deaf child as he clutches his dog. She tells him she’s sure that the neighbors are friendly. An elderly woman next door peers out the window and determined to be friendly, logs onto her modem connection to view some sign language video. Of course its choppy and slow, but she does her best. She then walks up to the child with a freshly baked pie. She tells the child “I’ve baked this pie for you” but as she signs it, it comes out “I’ve baked your dog for you”. The poor child drops the pie and runs away mortified. Of course this wouldn’t have happened if you had DSL.

KFWB is now giving “power tips” along with your hourly “power update”. Today’s tip: Try buying lighter colored lamp shades – that way you don’t need to turn on as many lights. I’m not making this stuff up folks.