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Thinning out the closet

This weekend I finally got around to doing some housecleaning. You see, I have this one closet that has nothing but mementos and other misc. stuff from over the years. With a critical eye, I set out to thin out the boxes by 6, leaving enough room in the closet for a new file cabinet to get better organized. Well Saturday, I accomplished the thinning part – I eliminated 7 boxes of stuff. Sunday I bought a new file cabinet, but lo and behold it was 2.5 inches too big for the closet. So with some moving around, it is now next to my desk. no easy task considering my room has a curved wall. But I look forward to being able to organize and put away some bills and other misc. stuff that has been floating around my apartment.

Still no DSL. Well sorta. We have DSL to the house, but I can’t login because someone at Earthlink forgot to add the line of code that authenticates me on the network. Total time on the phone this weekend with them: 3 hours. Latest estimate: Tuesday.