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Danger: Rant Below

I am completely over websites that are run by people who have think they have something to prove by going out of their way to rag on something. It is bad enough when the forum on a particular site is dominated by people whose idea of constructive criticism and opinion is “Man (fill in name of media company/site/person/etc.) Sucks.” I remember when Usenet degenerated many moons ago for the same reason. I guess it has finally saturated on the web as more people “learn” html. I now find myself turning to official sites more rather than fan sites. I might not get spoilers as fast as before, but at least I can get information without all the bull. I know some fan sites see themselves as “guardians” of some strange ideal that they think exists for a show or theme park or whatever, but in reality, they are fans. They don’t create the show or even have a clue as to what goes on to make a show, including the BS that comes from companies who set unrealistic expectations (hint: its just like any job no matter where you work). So memo to fans: If you are really ticked off about something, don’t watch it. Don’t buy that annual pass, don’t buy that collectible CD, don’t go see the movie and for pete’s sake DON’T make a fan page. You are just wasting my time. I will make my voice heard not by getting into a heated board discussion, but by going somewhere else.

I feel much better now. Did I mention there is a song in India about me? Listen