SEACAM and the Cam Lady

Bizarre incident of the day: As I was making my way to work, there was a huge backup going up the pass. It was so backed up that my shortcut was even affected and it was bumper to bumper through this upscale subdivision. As I was rounding the corner, I noticed there was a lady in a huff on her front porch holding a video camera. She sat there for a good 5-10 minutes (I told you the traffic was bad) taping all the cars on her street. Now, I asked myself if she was taping to send nasty letters to all of the drivers – she seemed to be pointing it specifically at license plates at times – or is she just wanting to show all her friends how bad the traffic was backed up that particular morning on her street. I guess I will keep my eyes open on the mail to see if I get anything.

From the D-Pendable Books and Products: French Polynesia is indeed on SECAM.

Bonus fact: Other notable countries on SECAM include Burkina Faso, Djibouti, Greece, Mongolia, Morroco, Russia, and Zaire.