Club Josh

Almost There

All the HTML is done except for the descriptions of Chapters 3-6. I should have that wrapped up by tomorrow. The text of the diaries are up. If you want a sneak peak you can just go to /diaries/fp/ just be warned none of the pics are there yet. I have been working on the laptop and need to transfer the pics to my computer with the DSL connection so it won’t take forever. I don’t know if anyone noticed but I have upped the photo size to 500×375 so it has added a bit to the file size. Hmm maybe I need to optimize them before I post them.

There are very few actors that I get emotional over when they pass away, but Jack Lemmon was one of them. Truly a great actor in every way and he will be missed. Everyone should go out and watch Airport ’77 in his honor – or maybe Some Like it Hot – or maybe Missing. We’ll miss ya Jack. Say hi to Walter for me.