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Happy 4th of July

I have managed to add descriptions to Chapters 4 and 6 of the French Polynesia Trip Diary pictures. Only Chapter 5 remains. I am going to get around to doing it soon. Really.

Its been just plain miserable in LA lately. The humidity feels like South Florida and due to the holiday, yesterday all of the stores were crowded with people getting last minute items. I’ll probably take in my usual fireworks at Disneyland. Today marks the two year anniversary of getting an annual passport. I tried to think of how many times that I have gone in the last two years, but it really is impossible. I know that the pace has picked up in the last year. For example, when we first got the passports, we didn’t go again until September. It really wasn’t until January or February of 2000 that we started to go on a regular basis. And now I might just get a job there – who knows?

Happy 4th of July or as they call it in England – the 4th of July. The US is 225 years old today. Wheee.