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Roller Skating and Redesigns

This weekend I went roller skating for the first time in Aeons. I think the last time I went any type of skating was Valentine’s Day 1991. It was a bizarre night that culminated in the car we were driving in coming to a halt on the Yolo Causeway. This was in the days before call boxes, and after sending people looking for a phone, the rest of us ended up on that freeway for about 7 hours.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln gets re-dedicated tomorrow at 7:45am on Main Street. I was thinking about going to see it, but I think I’ll sleep in a tad and go apply for a part time job at the resort tomorrow instead. Its the 46th anniversary of Disneyland tomorrow and they always give away something cool.

Two recent site redesigns of note: and The Los Angeles Times. Both redesigns were subtle, but improved the site usability immensely. Special kudos goes to the LA Times which actually made the site as readable as their paper.

On this morning’s TPIR, Kenneth from the University of Saskatchewan won the showcase, but he didn’t have anyone come up and celebrate with him afterwards. Did he go by himself or were his friends just camera shy?