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Back in the saddle again

I just returned from Chicago and Phoenix. My grandmother is doing fine, although she’s getting a Dick Cheney autographed defibrillator/pacemaker to keep her modified ticker working. While away, I played “dodge the severe weather”. The day before I arrived in Chicago there was a huge storm that brought the city to its knees and flooded everyone’s basement. My plane connected via Houston and I was fortunate that Tropical Storm Barry didn’t decide to visit.

A great time was had by all in Chicago. I took some Gorn pics which I will try and have up tomorrow. I also got to indulge in a secret fantasy – shaving someone’s head. Kris was thinking about doing it so I egged him on. I know, it’s a bit selfish, but it was a whole lotta fun doing it. Kris and Laura are moving to London soon, so I am sure I will be going to Europe sometime soon.

I also noticed that wearing a Club Josh shirt to a party where you do not know a lot of people helps people remember your name. Especially if it is Josh.