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Back from the river

I meant to be back yesterday, but we were out at the lake an extra day. A great time was had by all. I agree with Amanda that there was definitely a good vibe going for the trip. We only had one equipment malfunction – Billy’s Sea-Doo, which through the power of cell phones, he was able to tell the people who worked on it exactly how he felt.

I enjoy riding jet-skis (or whatever the generic name for them is). the only drawback is that it feels like you are inhaling fumes at a gas station when you ride them. I can’t wait for the four-stroke models, which hopefully will be cleaner burning and won’t make you dizzy. I was feeling pretty good about having a blister for my efforts of attempting to water ski and jet skiing, until I found out that my brother’s friend broke his foot in two places.

Last night after I got home, I received a message to go to the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. It was culture shock filled experience due to the fact I just got back from a weekend in the desert, but it was pretty good. I told my mom that it was a cheesy concept that was well executed. Basically, people pose like sculptures and paintings, and due to the amazing makeup and costuming, it actually looks like the real thing. There was a orchestra to accompany the narration and I think a good time was had by all.

I just found out that Wil Wheaton has a weblog. Many people rag on him for his role as Wesley on TNG, but I always liked him. I met him once at a Trek convention in SF back in November 1989 (ok met is a strong word. I shook his hand as he signed the centerfold of the 1989 TNG calendar). From what I recall, he was a good convention personality. I sorta recall that he mentioned a story about commuting to Paramount from his home and it was more like a parking lot. Give his site a look-see. It’s pretty cool.

Today is Mom’s birthday (she’d rather I didn’t put the age on the site).