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Lost vs. Amazing Race

Tonight I became hooked on two new shows. They are similar reality shows but with variations on a theme. The first is NBC’s Lost. This one is where they dumped people in the middle of Mongolia and told them they need to a) figure out where they are, and b) get themselves to New York as fast as you can. Of all of the reality shows, this one appeals to me the most because I’d be able to use my geo-skills. Maybe I’ll apply for the next one. Roger? Susie? Are you game?

The other show was The Amazing Race on CBS. This one pits 11 couples against each other on a race around the globe. This also relies on geo-skills. This show relies on couples competing against each other as opposed to Lost which pairs strangers.

Things are heating up on the job front. I landed a gig at Disneyland starting in October in Attractions. I am not sure where I will be working, but I’ll let you know. I hope that some of the other job chances I have in the pipeline come through as well so I can actually afford to eat.

In other news, Tuesday is my audition for NBC’s Weakest Link. I didn’t embarrass myself in the phone interview, so hopefully things will go well at the audition. I don’t really care if I win, but I think it will be cool to be on the show. After being in the pseudo-hot seat at DCA, I think I know what to expect, but I am certain I will be nervous as all get out.