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It’s 90, It Must be Fall

Fall is in the air here in Los Angeles. Of course, someone forgot to tell mother nature. Today’s high temperatures are in the 90’s. To top it off, the humidity is high due to some remnants of a hurricane in Mexico. Some of my relatives call it “Earthquake Weather”. I call it “Upper Midwest”.

Had a good weekend hanging out with the crew. One of our destinations was the new Paseo Colorado shopping complex. What really surprised me was that this used to be the old Pasadena mall, which looked like a mausoleum the last time I had visited it. Now thanks to a multi-million dollar makeover that included turning it into an outdoor plaza with apartment units, it is once again drawing big crowds. The grand opening was on Friday, and when we visited on Saturday it seemed some of the stores were still having problems with their air-balance.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention to thank the star of the weekend Tom, who managed to take us on a whirlwind tour of skid row and the house where they filmed “The People Under The Stairs” (noted for starring two Twin Peaks alums), all while we were running out of gas.