Watch Your Fingers!

The worst shift to work in Anaheim has to be the one I worked today. It was the 8am to 4pm shift which put me in the middle of rush hour traffic both ways. Each person has their own limit to how long they can sit in traffic in one day, and today I think it was reached. I max out around an hour and a half – especially on a route that I know would only take 30 minutes in no traffic.

But despite the traffic, I still managed to have a good time at work, despite squishing my finger in the gate on the carousel – right after telling the kids to watch their fingers and toes as I opened it. At least now I have an example to show the unruly types. Another thing that struck me was how much construction can mess with the load times of attractions. I thought Dumbo was bad while the queue was being worked on, but Casey Jr. is right there. A simple attraction that already is a slow loader is now reduced to a crawl.

Still no idea what I want to be for Halloween. It will be the first time in ages that I have actually dressed up – so the choices are plentiful.