Club Josh / Disney


Perhaps I should think of another name for the Daily Update. It hasn’t been Daily this week that’s for sure. I guess I have been busy and really have not had much to say. Things are going well, other than the fact that we had our first rainstorm of the season in LA on Tuesday. The result? It took me two and a half hours to get to Anaheim from my house. Normally it takes me an hour tops. It was one of those days that no matter what route I tried, there was a Sig-Alert with massive congestion. Thankfully, I was on stroller patrol to begin my shift and was able to unwind before I had to deal with any guests.

Tonight at the park it was empty. I was expecting a few more trick or treaters. There were a few cool outfits. My favorites were the Captain Hooks as well as one kid who had the Evil Queen as an old hag outfit from Snow White. I think crowds were just small because Friday the park rolls out Christmas and it should be packed this weekend.

In other job news, I am applying more and more for non-web jobs. I sure hope to get something soon. I have seen some good surveyor ones so keep your fingers crossed.