Club Josh

Getting ready for the New Year

Well it is that time of the year again. I have finally gone through the entire site and replaced all the copyrights with an SSI so I don’t have to update each page every year. Looking at some of the photo galleries, I realized that most of the photo detail pages don’t have copyrights. I decided “uh that’s ok!” because it will be a daunting task to fix all of them. Sharp observers will also notice that I changed the title of the page from Club Josh 2001 to Club Josh 2002. A bit early, but I figured since I had some time, I’d go ahead and do it.

I am still working on a new section of the site that I still hope to have up sometime in the first week of January. I’ll give you all a hint – it is probably nothing that very many people will be interested in, but its something that I think will compliment the site very well.

After having yesterday off, I am starting a period of 9 days in a row working at Disneyland. It is the busiest time of the year – so if you are planning to get out to the parks be sure to bring lots of patience.