Club Josh

House Cleaning

Some house cleaning on the site today. I updated the index for the Trip Diaries page to add a bit of pizzazz to it. Nothing major. I am still not 100% happy with it, and I will continue to search for some inspiration for that section. Of course, what I think I want to do with the section will require lots and lots of work. So it will probably be awhile before I do it.

I did manage to update the Sweden pictures and make them 500 pixels wide. While I was at it, I finally wrote the captions for the Chapter 5 photos. Since I did those, I figured I would go ahead and write the captions for Chapter 5 Photos for the French Polynesia Trip Diary. Finally all of the Diary photos have captions. Once I get a new scanner, I want to get some more photos of the earlier Europe trips, since the only ones I have online are the ones with the Gorn. I think that part of the update will come when I figure out how I want to stylize the whole section.

I am feeling a little bit better, but still have mountains of lung butter. I hope it goes away soon.