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Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Try as I did, I was thwarted last night from seeing Spider-Man with Roger, Alex, Michael and Ian. We managed to get out of bed this morning to go see the movie at 10am (well all but Ian since he went with some friends last night to try and see it at Downtown Disney – I’ll have to check and see if he was able to get tickets). Even the 10am showing was almost sold out – at least it was the bargain matinee.

The movie itself was pretty good for the most part. Solid acting and a decent story line. The movie did have a feel of massive computer generation to it, especially in the scenes when Toby is flying through the city. You fans of the original Spiderman cartoon need to watch the closing credits for a special surprise. I was ready to bolt, but someone told me to stick around and I was pleasantly rewarded.

I got to thinking that this year looks to be pretty promising in terms of the number of movies I am interested in seeing. The last few years have been pretty ick. So far the movies I want to see are: Star Wars Episode II, The Sum of All Fears, Lilo and Stitch, Minority Report, Goldmember, Men in Black 2, Die Another Day, Star Trek Nemesis. On the back burner, but definitely on my radar: Signs and Scooby Doo.

I am so over those flash ads that come up on the screen when I am on certain web sites. Yahoo and are two that were particularly annoying. Especially when I am trying to type in something into a web form and it gets interrupted by an ad for Pop Secret popcorn. When I am on my laptop, those ads ground my processor to a halt so that I can’t do anything else. Remember when the web use to be user friendly?