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Granny and Josh on the Mark TwainYesterday was Le Grand Excursion to Disneyland with my Jerri, Granny, Dianne, and Amanda. A great time was had by all. The photo on the left is of Granny and I on the deck of the Mark Twain. I always enjoy going to DL with people who are not regulars to the park. It gives me a chance to play tour guide as well as watch them experience things for the first time. Now if one of us had a small child it would have been perfect.

Highlights included Granny’s first trip on Indiana Jones. She was completely stiff the whole time, but was cracking jokes afterwards. Another great moment was Granny, Jerri, and Dianne talking about Oprah and sex-changes with the Disney photographer in front of the castle. Ah yes, let’s not forget the petrified looks of Granny and Jerri on Soarin’ Over California before they got comfortable and opened their eyes. Or How about Jerri stuck in the station of Roger Rabbit when the ride went down for a station backup.

The trip was full of memories like those, and I am glad I had at least one more chance to get to a theme park with my grandmother. I have fond memories of going with her as a child and in a way it was like reliving those memories. I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to see more of California Adventure and Downtown Disney soon. They all seem up to it, and it beats just heading to a regular mall.

I’ll try and get approval to put more pictures up on the web, but there was some negative feelings about how realistic the photos were.