So Close, So Far

Well I almost made it. I was in the middle of getting signed off on the Matterhorn when the mountain decided that it had other plans for me. In a matter of minutes, I inadvertently caused a Sled Escape (infernal Sled Escapes – the bane of my existence), and my co-trainee was having problems getting a sled aligned on a transfer table. The result? Cascade back-up, thumbs-down from the tower. That wasn’t the worst part. Once we got the ride back up and running, and my blood pressure went down, there was some drama with a guest and another cast member, resulting in the people who were doing our sign-offs having to spend time dealing. So now I have to go back on Wednesday to get signed off on the last few positions on the ride. I was so depressed that we didn’t get to finish (not that it was really our fault, I just wanted it over with) that I ate a whole quart of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream in bed (Reed wouldn’t think eating the whole thing in once sitting is unusual).

Today, Roger and I escorted Chris on a trip around L.A., pausing to take pictures at the Hollywood sign and Santa Monica. I managed to get a good shot of the CR-V at the sign, as well as two new Gorn pictures. I’ll try and get them up on the site tomorrow.

I’ve successfully tested Movable Type, now I just need to work on the template and decide on a look. That way people will get to make comments on my Daily Updates. Just a note, when it gets up, all of the pre-June 2002 entries will have fake post times. Most of them will say 12:00 noon, unless I had mentioned in the entry when I was making it. I hope to have it all up and running by next week. I just hope my 7 days of work next week don’t wear me out too much.