The following contest is scheduled for one fall

It has been a hectic few days. Thursday night, I worked a Grad Nite at the Power 106 party at the Festival Arena. There is nothing like the sensation you get when a group of 300 people start to rush you. At one point we even had to clear out the Arena because there were too many people inside (capacity? 1500!). I didn’t get home until 7am and fell asleep, only to wake up and go back for a night shift on Friday. I think I caught a slight cold at Grad Nite, because since then I have had a minor sore throat and some sniffles, although it is hard to tell because of all the germs I get exposed to on a daily basis.

Saturday brought the no-holds barred rematch between me and the mountain. Despite such challenges as an Auto E-Stop on B-Side while I was brushing up on the tower position, I managed to pass and officially get certified to work at the Matterhorn. I still need more practice at grouping people since it can easily get away from you. I feel much better about the ride and ready for the challenges it will bring.

Saturday night, Roger and enjoyed a nice leisurely evening out at Disneyland, which is a rarity these days since I usually work nights. It is always good to sit back and enjoy the park as a guest, I think it makes me appreciate what I do.