Summer is here

Another hectic week. Last week, I did not manage a single day off of work, and thus the lack of updates. It was particularly rough since I was rarely at home except to sleep. It also didn’t help that summer is here and along with the warmer weather comes the psychos at the park. I had a near run in on three different occasions with people who were one taco short of a combination. It was not all lost due to the kids. Anytime I let the adults get to me, I just had to start talking to the kids and everything worked itself out.

On particular girl at Casey Jr. was hilarious. I had been asking her about the characters she had seen during her day at the park. I then joked with her, “Have you seen Charo?” She of course looked confused at first while her parents snickered. Then, out of the blue she says, “I didn’t see Charo, but I had a Churro!” I nearly fell on the floor laughing.

Independent confirmation about the upstairs neighbor. Apparently the apartment complex manager shares my suspicions about her occupation.