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Redesigned CNN

My favorite source of news, CNN has once again redesigned their site. The last time was on July 16, 2001 and as I noted then, I think it is a subtle improvement. I like redesigns that don’t go whole-hog, that way you don’t alienate your users. I think my redesigned Daily Update archives were a big change, but the structure essentially stayed the same while adding cool new features.

I like the way CNN has moved the sub section stories up on their web site, eliminating the special promo boxes that used to separate top stories from the other articles. Some of their font choices are a bit off (i.e. where they have links to the entire page of technology news, etc.). The final change? I would have added a black border to the main image (something I want to do with the image on the Club Josh homepage). Of course that is more work for the page updater since they have to manually add it if the photo links.

Since fall is redesign season, I suspect more popular sites to go under the knife in the next few months.