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Exploring Trillian

I downloaded Trillian thanks to Cooper’s suggestion. I am way behind on this trend, but for those of you even further behind me, Trillian is a program that allows users to connect to AOL IM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN, IRC, and ICQ all in one convenient interface. It also features cool customizable skins a la Winamp. So far I am still figuring it out, but I actually like it better than the new release of AIM messenger. I only use the program for AOL and Yahoo. I used to use ICQ back in the UCD days, but I have no idea what my old account was and since I don’t know many who only have ICQ and not AOL, I probably won’t re-sign up.

I turn 30 next month, and in preparation I’m working on a 30th Anniversary page for Club Josh. Stay tuned for more info!