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Late Night Obsessive/Compulsive Attack

Still trying to recover from the weekend. It has been awhile since I have been that exhausted. For some reason late Friday night, I decided it was high time I sorted through a stack of bills that had been accumulating on my bookcase for the past year. I had always been under the impression that you should save all your bills up to seven years just in case. However with some research, I found this great article at

To sum up: Keep Bills for big ticket items for insurance reasons in a separate folder. Also, any items bought for a home business or other tax reasons should be kept up to seven years. All other bills can be tossed once the check has cleared and the next bill shows up. I plan on going through the mounds of paperwork and doing a shred fest soon.

So to follow up the late night obsessive/compulsive attack, We set off for a full day at Disneyland on Saturday for Roger’s birthday. Overall it was a fun day, but when combined with the late Friday night, it really put a drain on my system. We did manage to get a decent picture at California Adventure and as soon as I hook up my bought-5-weeks-ago-and-still-in-a-box scanner, I’ll post it. In addition to Roger’s friends, I also ran into Wendy and Mice who were down for the Haunted Mansion Holiday event. Thankfully, I got to sleep in late on Sunday and with no work on Monday I was able to sleep in again and get back on track. I even managed to get some work done on some web projects.

The clock is ticking and I have so much stuff to get done for Night of 100 Stars. I have all these ideas, but reality is beating me down. Fortunately, we are starting earlier this year and it is going to be a much better planned affair than last year. I still want to get a web site for it up in the next week, but timing is going to be tight.