Club Josh / Disney

Holiday Parties

It’s that time of the year at the resort when we close early and let all the employees of the company come down and enjoy the park. It’s two days of fun (even when you are working). One of the highlights was being able to ride Space Mountain with all the work lights on – it is quite the different experience. On one of my lunches, I even made it all the way over to Splash Mountain. To my surprise there were not many people there and I was able to ride in my own log in full costume. The best part was that the photo booth was working, so I now have a photo of me in costume riding my own log on Splash Mountain. As soon as I get a chance I will scan it and post it. As with last year, I also enjoyed a Churro onstage, and I managed to avoid Eventful Singing of Mary Poppins songs this year.

I also managed to finish the captions for the Disneyland Paris pictures. Most of them should make sense now.