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What a Wild Crazy Weekend

Man am I ever glad I am at home with a day off. The days following Christmas have been non-stop exhaustion producing days. It starts out with record crowds at the park for the last three days. On Friday and Saturday, they stopped letting people into the park early in the day. Wall to wall people as far as the eye could see. It was OK when I was working on the attractions in Fantasyland, but when I went out to work the parades it was a nightmare. Main Street was OK, but Fantasyland and Small World were a complete mess. The line for Small World was over 2 hours and Fastpass was gone early.

In the middle of my back to back shifts, was Sarah’s Wedding. It was a grand affair, and it was great to see the whole family together since there was not a family Christmas party this year. Unfortunately, there was not nearly enough time during the reception to talk and socialize with the relatives. I was an usher in the wedding, so that also limited my interaction before the ceremony. I was fortunate to be able to leave work a bit early, those 45 minutes helped out immensely. (Thanks Jen!) Roger left the camera at home, but I did manage to snag a disposable camera. I’m going to have them developed and put onto a CD so I do not have to scan them and I will be able to post them on the site soon.

Today is a nice day to sit back and catch my breath. I have to work at the park tomorrow until 9pm and I hope they don’t extend me any further. I am going to try and pick up some OT before my shift (I know it doesn’t make sense to me either), but if I do, I will be assured of a 9pm departure from the park which gives me enough time to make it back up to the house for whatever New Year’s festivities we can come up with. Anything will be better than working Dumbo like last year.