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Another Week, Another Dollar

Has been a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants week. Out of the blue, I get a call from a company that wants to interview me. The phone interview was scheduled for 1pm today was called off at the last minute when the HR person called me and let me know that one of the interviewers was called out of town. Shades of another interview from last year. Thankfully, I actually got a rescheduled phone interview for next week and hopefully it turns out well.

In web news, I have made a few updates to the Charo site, mainly reporting all the latest news, including ticket prices for her new show Bravo 2003. Thanks to the registrar that Haim pointed me to,, I finally broke down and registered You can now access my charo site from that simple URL.

Next week, I make the move over to Winne the Pooh fulltime. I think I will still have the occasional Matterhorn or Classics shift since I don’t work on Friday mornings. Once the ride opens in April, I will be over at Pooh full time. So far, the crew looks like its going to be a good one and some of my friends will be there as well. Of course, how long I will be there will depend on what happens in the next few weeks.

Why does everything happen at the same time? Pace yourself life, pace yourself!