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Again with the Daylight Saving Time

I’ve mentioned this before in years past, I really don’t like Daylight Saving Time. Despite the fact that it gives us nice long hours of daylight, it still is a pain. It makes me wish I lived in Arizona, where they have the common sense not to change their clocks. Usually, its the Monday after that causes problems, but now that I’m working at Disneyland it wreaked its havoc on Sunday.

Speaking of Arizona, Mom and Gary were out here this weekend to help stock the fridge. Final total: over $120 at the grocery store. But now I have enough food to last weeks. Mom even made some London Broil and these breaded hamburger patties that I love so much. She put some in the fridge and some in the freezer so that I can eat for the next few weeks. Gary helped out with moving some of the front room furniture around so that my futon is not as close to the TV. I agree with Mom that two day weekends are just not enough time to get together. On Sunday we made a stop at my Great-Great Aunt who lives in a posh retirement home in Yorba Linda. She looks great for someone who will be 95 in May – I hope I look that good. The best part of her community? Free Ice Cream and Sundae Bar.

Friday is the grand opening of the Pooh ride. I can hardly believe it is here. I remember when I first went over to the ride in January and the opening date was soo far away. It is upon us, and I’m glad we have had the soft openings over the past two weeks. The practice has really helped us nail down some of our procedures, especially with wheelchairs. Now if only I could get some shifts there. I am a trainer, but I only have one Guest Control shift on Saturday and then two shifts next week. The rest of the time I’m at lovely Matterhorn Mountain except for Tuesday when I make a guest stint at the Classics. At least I have variety, it sure beats being stuck at the same ride all the time. I think my ideal schedule would be two Pooh sifts, two Matterhorn, and then one Classics per week.