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X-Men 2 and Happy Hearts

Continuing on from the last post (posted a bit late), I also managed to catch X-Men 2 on the big screen. I was glad that Daniel and I saw the early show to beet the crowds. From my understanding it was a busy weekend for the movie and it was nice to get good seats for an opening day. I think the second movie was better than the first, and provided a good solid two hours of entertainment. This is not the type of movie you rate on artistic quality or acting, but on popcorn value aka how well the brain is amused. I guess the only fault is from a personal point of view. I don’t read comics and I have only seen bits and pieces of the old X-Men cartoon – so a lot of it is lost on me. Did the movie make me want to learn more? Not really – but it did make me want to see the next one when it comes out.

Sunday saw the return of the Happy Hearts to Disneyland. It is an outreach program during the slow times of the year that the company does for people with disabilities. For the reduced rate of $18, people who wouldn’t normally get a chance to visit the park get to do so. I think it is a wonderful program, despite the many challenges it brings to operations of attractions. Other guests seem to be understanding when it takes place, and its a good thing since there are usually long delays when the rides break down or people need extra time to visit the attraction. Both the Routes and Pooh have been hit hard during the week, but I think its a good thing for new cast members to experience.