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Battle of the Network Stars

I was very excited to discover that the cable channel Trio is running classic 1970’s episodes of Battle of the Network Stars. Since way before I had a website or even before I went to high school, I used to love these shows. I think partially due to the fact I used to imitate Howard Cosell (who didn’t). Like most things, nostalgia is stronger than the actual programming – sitting through an entire episode is a feat in itself. But if you can manage, it is good fun. It will be airing all this week in primetime on Trio and then a mini marathon on Sunday morning.

In other TV news – be sure to catch the weekend edition of the Today show on Saturday (7/26) Charo is scheduled to perform!
The Queen Mary pictures have sparked some ideas for the site. Mainly, I was wondering where to put the pictures – Trip Diaries? Club House? Gorn? When I figure it out, I’ll let you know where they are.

I have also been trying to catch up on my sleep. The two 6am shifts on Monday and Tuesday took their toll big time. At least today I get to sleep in a bit, nap, and lounge before I start at 4pm.