Club Josh

PDA Archives

After much waiting, I have finally automated the PDA archives via Movable Type. It has not been an easy process, and there are still all sorts of navigation that I need to add, but now the archives are where they should have been over a year ago when I was converting to MT. In the process of researching and noodling around with the code, I discovered all sorts of cool plug-ins that are now available for the software. When I get another free day like today, I will have to experiment some more.

Next up on MT: Porting over all of the What’s New archives into it and generating the latest updates links on the main page. Also, I would like to create a Blog for all of my Trip Diaries. Me thinks I will need to design a new section for it. Eventually, I will get around to creating a more custom Daily Update archives, as opposed to the current templates that I just tweaked to create my site. I have seen some cool sites out there – but again I need some more computer time to get it all done.

You can download the new archives (via Avantgo) via the Take Club Josh With You page.