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WDW Photos!

Finally – after much procrastinating and hand wringing over file sizes, I have posted my photos from my recent trip to Walt Disney World. I have not added any captions to the photos – that will come over the next few weeks. Now all I need to do is work on the templates so that there is some navigation back to the Trip Diaries page. Once that is done, I will integrate it with my new design. As Mice points out it should take me another few weeks to get that done. In the meantime, enjoy the photos, even if you have no idea what they are. One other integration mess is my url of diaries/wdw – I now have to change that to an index page pointing to either the 2000 trip or the 2003 trip. Someday.

Monday, I was taken out to dinner for my birthday by Dad et. al. – my friends have told me to keep next Tuesday open for something, and Susie and Mark are going to come down on November 1 to hang out. Not sure if there is going to be an official party on the 1st, but if there is one, that is when it will be. Good presents from all this year including 2 map shower curtains and some nice duds. Still haven’t splurged on the Indiana Jones trilogy for myself. Gotta try and make it to Best Buy before the free DVDs are gone.