New Toy

I was out and about looking for a solution. I have all of these records that I would like to transfer to MP3 and to CD. So I was looking at record players and plugs that I can hook up to my computer to digitize the audio. As I was wandering the aisles of Fry’s, I noticed that the new capture cards geared for people converting home movies might have the answer. So the brain began to wander to “Hmm, if I get one of these, I should check out DVD Recorders”. Lo and behold there was one on sale for only $149 after rebate so despite the fact I went in there for one thing, I came out with something completely different.

I am the proud owner of a DVD Recorder. It does DVD-R, +R, -RW, +RW, and CDRs. I bought some blank DVD-R media because it has a better chance of playing on older DVD players. I think I have the oldest player amongst family members, so if I can get it to work on mine then it will work on anyone’s. I haven’t bought a capture card yet despite several trips to Fry;s and Best Buy. It appears most of the capture systems use SUB 2.0 rather than being a card for the back of the computer. Even though it is in the back of the computer, I think I would prefer one of those for speed wise. I would also like to get one that features Firewire ports as well as analog inputs since eventually I would like to get a DV camcorder. Gotta be forward thinking!

At any rate, my first DVD project is a remaster of some old home movies including Covina Chaos, At Home and About, and Mutual of Omaha’s Mesoclimate Adventures. I also would like to get some old videos off of the VHS tapes (like 1989’s Stonehenge: Megalithic Monument of Manure Pile and other gems from the PXL 2000 days). If all goes well, I might even post a few here on Club Josh.