Home Life

Has it been a year?

I guess it has. One year ago yesterday I made the move to the OC. At the time I was going through a lot of changes in my life and dealing with all sorts of issues. Thankfully, most of them have been resolved – and I think for the better. I still miss life in Studio City and all the people associated with it. I do wish the parting was on better terms and that they could have remained a part of my life. I do know that some people are better with a clean break, and actually I think it has worked out for me as well. In the future, I hope I will be able to reconnect with some of the people.

Life in the OC has been pretty good, the Pooh ride opened and I eventually became a lead. I have gained Daniel as a close friend – despite the fact he drives me crazy, but hey that’s what friends are for. I think the only thing missing in my life is that special someone, but whenever I consider the notion, I immediately get cold feet. I miss the companionship that I had (and to some extent Daniel fills the role nicely as the friend to hang out with), but he can’t be here all the time, and he has his own friends and sig others. Another thing that I am lacking is a group of friends to hang with. I miss the old days of college when we had a group that would get together on a regular basis. Here it has happened a couple of times, but I’d really like some people who would like to get together for pizza and movies on a regular basis.

So going forward, I think I do need to focus on this friend thing. I am not ready to begin the search for “the one”, but hey if one finds me than that is just fine.

As for my apartment, well, um, its a mess. Completely overrun with furniture and boxes and crud. Those who know me well know that I have a tendency to let papers and such stack up on the table and the desk. I really want to get this place into shape before I leave on Thursday so when I come home it is nice and neat and I can just relax.

Whenever I go on vacation (and I have mused on this before) things have changes dramatically at work while I was gone. I think WDW was more of a personal change than anything, but Tahiti and all of the Europe trips have really thrown me for a loop. I am super-sensitive to things before I leave, and I don’t really see anything coming down the horizon (maybe some cross training or shuffling of the staff??) but then again, if I saw it coming then it wouldn’t be such a shock would it?

As I leave for vacation on Thursday, I would have to say at this moment in time exactly (and it will change I am sure later tonight) I feel pretty darn good about life and myself. There are still pangs of doubt, but I like where I am going. It certainly isn’t a dull trip.