Club Josh

Behind the scenes, hard at work

It has been a tough week all around trying to get back into the swing of things. I think over the last couple of days, I am finally ready to get back to the site. Yesterday, I processed all of the Tokyo Disneyland pics and now I am working on the Tokyo DisneySea pics. After that, I will be typing up my Trip Diary and working on the Tokyo pics. It will be another massive site update. I might have to take down some of the old party pics just to make room, but only as a last resort.

Another thing to look for is a new pic on the homepage. I might just have a vote for it because I am not sure if I should put a classic pic or one from Tokyo.

I also don’t know what is up with my email. I am getting tons of viruses each day now. It might be time to abandon the old josh email address for a new one that isn’t posted so that I don’t have to wade through the mountains of spam I get.