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Who left the oven on?

Man has it been warm the last few days. Nothing really exciting has been going on, mainly due to the fact that I have been worn out working out in the sun. I am now entering a stretch of 7 consecutive days of work (thanks scheduling!) before another day off. Me thinks I am going to be super pooped.

The worst part is that I have so much cleaning and organizing to do around the house as well as on the site. Some of you savvy users might have noticed that I have replaced Atomz with Google as the search engine on the site. The main reason I did it was because Atomz was limited to 500 pages indexed and my Daily Update section is way more than that alone. So hopefully the search results will be more accurate.

I was tinkering with some redesigns of the site the other day but I am stuck on a compatibility issue. I like to design for 800×600 because I know my dad’s work computer and my laptop can only display that without side scrolling. The problem comes with trying to make the site look as good with all the high tech people out there with massive resolution on their monitors. I will probably stick to the same general center alignment. Club Josh turns nine in June. It would be nice to have something new – at least for the homepage which is very stale since it debuted in September 2001.