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Recovery Mode

Once again, I have gotten a bug. I don’t know if it is because of the site, but I usually don’t get sick this often. I blame part of it on a whirlwind weekend and now its time for me to circle the wagons and chill at home for a few days to get myself back in shape.

Here are some tidbits from the weekend:
I really enjoyed Day After Tomorrow. I’ll post a review of it shortly. It had all the elements of a good disaster movie.

Palm Springs was fun. The last time I was there with Roger in 2001 we only ventured to downtown PS and didn’t make it to some of the other cities. Apparently all the expensive shops and such moved to Palm Desert because Mayor Sonny Bono wouldn’t let new construction take place. As a result PS is more a Hodge podge of old 50’s buildings – some with cool little boutiques, others just closed. On the flip side, Palm Desert was brimming with life and full of people and cool stores. I managed to pick up some sheets at Stein Mart – a rare find to get Standard (Eastern) King sheets in California.

Towards the end of the trip I was wiped out. I knew I was coming down with something so when I got home I relaxed and watched a movie with Jason (Star Trek 2 – continuing our series). Sunday I went to work and was weak and miserable the whole day. I was going to go home early, but Daniel needed my help with some documentation. We then headed over to Mandel’s BBQ where we got to see his pricing game for The Price is Right which aired on Friday. Its a game called 1/2 OFF and was super neat and the contestant won. Apparently Bob introduced Mandel to the audience during the commercial break. and on his site has a cool photo of him with Bob. I was still low on energy so we bailed out a bit early and headed home. I collapsed on the couch and it was off to bed.

Yesterday I called into work so I could have my recovery time. I did manage to make it out to North Woods to see Kevin and Cathy who were out celebrating their 10th Anniversary. I didn’t eat much, but I saved most of my dinner for today when I feel better.

So I’ll be laying low the next few day.