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Old Man River

I’m getting back into the swing of things and feeling back to normal. Part of my recovery was helped by talking on the phone with Matt for a couple of hours last week. Its not very often that we get a chance to talk on the phone, so usually when we do we keep going and going and going. I do wish I lived closer – even though he is always busy, I’m sure I’d see more of him.

On Friday, Daniel, Tiffany, and I saw the new Harry Potter flick (see my review if you missed it). Also in town were Mom, Gary, Shirley, and John who were in town for a convention. I hung out with them a bit at Downtown Disney on Friday and then Mom, Gary, and I headed to DCA and DL on Saturday night. Mom didn’t quite make it on Tower of Terror, but she had good reasons. I’m sure some day we’ll get her on there. I also got to see the newly refurbed Peter Pan. The ride looks better than ever and I especially love the new stars and the lack of intrusive exit signs. When we went on Mansion all you can see are green exit signs – not something that adds to the effect of the ride. Hopefully they will soon get the Pan variety or the Pooh variety that only come on during a ride stoppage.

Sunday and Monday were spent working and lounging around the house. Today will probably be more of the same. However I did get some good news regarding this coming weekend! I’m not going to jinx it but let’s just say that it has something to do with singing “Old Man River”.