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Just call me a redneck

Been another busy week with alternating shifts at work. The highlight was Wednesday’s shift where I BBQ’ed for 8 hours to say thanks to the crew of the ride for their hard work. I managed to also BBQ my neck, and worse still, I was wearing a lanyard so I have a bright red neck with a nice white line in the middle of it. Thank goodness for Aloe Verde.

Kevin and the family are out for a dance competition where Chantal finished 3rd place overall – pretty impressive for her first time out. We all went to the park on Thursday and had fun. I went on Tower for times 17, 18, and 19. I still like the ride and Kevin, having not been to the Florida version, liked it as well.

Looks like Kevin will be taking the kitchen table back to Mom’s house in his truck. This will free up some valuable space in the apartment and allow me to rearrange some stuff here and there. It also lets me remove a main source of paper clutter. I’m going to get a new shredder tonight so that I can just get rid of most of the stuff I have lying around.

Mark Twain on Sunday! I can’t wait!