Club Josh

Beginning the 10th year

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of Club Josh. I know last year I was too sick to celebrate and this year I am busy looking ahead to next year. I have no doubts that the site will be here for its 10th birthday, but I am not sure what form it will take. Odds are it will look much the same, but I have been trying to get a good idea to restructure and redesign the site. If I go the co-location route, then Club Josh will be broken up into different domains (Charo, Doingworld, etc.) and it will make the redesign a lot easier. The sad part is that I remember posting a wish list back around the 8th anniversary of what I’d like to do.

Of those, it looks like I have accomplished one of those goals. I have partially worked on the unifying theme with the Trip Diaries experiment page. I was thinking of going with graphic headers and such but I really like the simplistic look of the redesign as well as one of the sites he linked to. The problem with Club Josh is that it is really a bunch of different sites together. It is not just a weblog or a phlog. It is sometimes both and neither. It’s tough being your own category.