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Why are these people out?

I’m enjoying some rare day shifts lately, and it’s quite nice to get home before it is dark. It is weird seeing all these people out and about though. Don’t they have jobs? Wait, they are all getting home. Ok that makes sense.

As I mentioned previously, I am nervously and anxiously awaiting something at work. I really don’t want to go into great detail just yet. I would rather wait, as ABBA is so fond of saying, until ‘when all is said and done’.

I am really tempted to up and go on another vacation in October. However, if things go well at work, then I need to stick around. Time will tell.

Man I need some new speakers for my computer. Aquarius is cutting in and out bad. Heck, I think I am due – I bought these speakers circa 1996. Off to Fry’s tomorrow!!

I have gone and added a bunch of mini-movie reviews for the month of July to reflect the movies I have seen. I was lazy and just posted them all to July 31.