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The End of Summer

This summer has been exceptionally slow at the park, but even the moderately busy days are coming to an end. After Labor Day, we go back to the 10-8 schedule, and CMs all over the park go scrambling for hours. The first week of the reduced hours schedule has been good to me (not as many lead shifts as I’d like, but at least the hours are there). Some people are getting only two or three days a week, so I count my blessings.

It has been a big rollercoaster emotional week as well – Wendy and Mice welcomed their baby into the world, and for me I’ve had a rough patch with one of my friends. Things seem to be beginning to work out, so I’m in wait and see mode.

Did anyone else get confused by the Olympics? I somehow could never figure out when the sports I liked were on TV. I managed to end up watching some of the more obscure sports (cool to see it on TV) like the Mens Long distance Walk. It was truly bizarre to see. I also managed to see the end of the mens 5000m. Long distance races always remind me of the movie “Running Brave” with Robbie Benson about the Native American who ran the 10000m at the 1964 Tokyo games.