DVD and TV Fun

On Tuesday I headed over to the local Wal-Mart. I try and avoid it since the one here near my house is usually overrun with kids and is a mess. But the word in the offices at work was that they had the lowest price on the Star Wars trilogy DVD set. When I went there around 8pm, they only had three copies of the widescreen left. while browsing the aisles, I also came across Home on the Range as well as Star Trek Generations. Generations was recalled and was not supposed to be out since it was recalled due to a packaging snafu (apparently the trailers were left off and the packaging had them included). But I guess my local Wal Mart didn’t get the memo or didn’t care and had it proudly on sale.

Which one did I tear open and watch? Generations of course! I was very surprised and happy. One of my complaints about the movie was that I thought it was too dark, but on this DVD the balance has been corrected and it looks great. I am still not entirely happy with the whole Kirk death thing, but the movie grows on you – it certainly is better than Nemesis.
I did manage to watch Episode 4 on DVD last night. It was fantastic! The film has never looked better and the special features were very cool – especially some of the closing credit video bits. I haven’t explored the whole set, but I’m happy.

I was also happy that Chip and Kim won the Amazing Race. I thought they were sunk when they were lagging on the Continental Divide. I was worried that Colin and whiny Christie would get it a la Flo and Zack, but all prevailed in the end. I think its the first time the team I rooted for won.