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What Happened to Brad Kane?

While I was watching my new Aladdin DVD Bonus features, I noticed that one star was given the least amount of coverage – Brad Kane. He was the singing voice of Aladdin and I thought he should have been given at least as much time as Lea Salonga (the singing voice of Jasmine). Lea didn’t get much time either, but at least they got her opinions on the whole thing. They did show Brad and Lea singing “A Whole New World” at a recording session, but alas no interview.

A quick web search hasn’t really turned up anything. Some items of note: Brad goes by the name of Caleb and performs in a band called “The Fates”. He apparently has composed music for Freddy vs. Jason and Devil’s Pond. He still provides the singing voice of Aladdin.

So Brad if you are out there drop me a line and let me know what’s up.