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Tokyo Days 3-5

Sooooo Saturday was an interesting day here in Japan. Just as Daniel and I made our way back to the hotel, literally as I sat down on the bed and Daniel went into the bathroom, our whole hotel room started to shake. This shaker lasted quite a long time. A few minutes later it started again. We went downstairs to make sure everything was OK and then headed back up to the room to turn on the TV. Japan has a cool system for earthquakes. Within minutes, all the main channels have a map of where the quake is and then the perceptive magnitude (like the Mercalli scale back home). So in an instant we knew what hit us. A M6.8 on the Sea of Japan coast! Followed by a M5.9 and M6.3 aftershock within 30 minutes!

Needless to say, we were both amused by the whole thing. Just like in LA during a quake the local news showed the same footage over and over for two hours (some guy scrambling on a street corner in confusion and then heading out in the street – Mom says he made CNN Headline news back home). So we are OK in case you were wondering. On Monday morning we had a M5.4 aftershock right when our alarm went off – so nice of the Japanese to give us wake up calls!

So Sunday and Monday we revisited Tokyo Disney Resort. The appeal hasn`t worn off at all – still a great place to visit. Daniel was happy that he got to see the Halloween parade, and I was happy to see the Electrical Parade Dreamlights (which lasted a good 30 minutes) and also to see the Dramatic DisneySea parade `Signs`. Now we are hunting for the CD of the music. Picture taking is down from the last trip, just some minor filling in of stuff from the last trip.

It’s raining today as we head off to the resort. Luckily it is just the outer band of a Typhoon, not a full hit like they got last week, the day before we arrived.

That is all from Tokyo this time. I hope to write again soon!